Abdelmalik Bachir, Dominique Barthel*, Martin Heusse and Andrzej Duda (* France Telecom R&D)

Micro-Frame Preamble MAC for Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks

In Proceedings of ICC 2006, Istambul, 11-15 june 2006

Sunday 11 June 2006

In this paper, we identify the problem of receiving irrelevant frames and propose to replace
the continuous preamble by a series of small frames that we call micro-frames. The resulting Micro-Frame Preamble (MFP) scheme makes it possible for a node to switch its radio off to avoid receiving irrelevant frames and improve energy savings.
In the paper, we evaluate the theoretical energy savings of MFP compared with traditional preamble sampling techniques. We also discuss some experiences with our implementation of MFP on the Freescale MC13192 SARD.

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