Abdelmalik Bachir, Ludovic Samper*, Dominique Barthel*, Martin Heusse, Andrzej Duda (* France Telecom R&D)

Link Cost and Reliability of Frame Preamble MAC Protocols

In Proceedings of IWWAN 2006, New York, 28-30 june 2006

Wednesday 28 June 2006

Previous studies have shown that preamble MAC protocols have higher energy efficiency compared to traditional low power MAC protocols based on common sleep/wakeup schedules. One efficient implementation of preamble MAC protocols is Frame Preamble MAC in which the MAC preamble is replaced by a series of frames. In this paper, we consider four Frame Preamble MAC protocols, namely: persistent MFP (Micro Frame Preamble), non persistent MFP, persistent DFP (Data Frame Preamble), and non persistent DFP. We study their energy cost and communication reliability by assuming a simple binary symmetric channel error model.

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