Aleksander Bulkowski*, Edward Nawarecki*, and Andrzej Duda (* AGH Cracow, Poland)

Peer-to-Peer: an Enabling Technology for Next-Generation E-learning

EDEN Fourth Research Workshop. Barcelona, Spain, 25-28 October, 2006

Friday 27 October 2006

In this paper, we explore new directions for future e-learning
tools. Our idea is to use peer-to-peer technologies to create
collaborative learning communities. We start by analyzing the
limitations of current e-learning tools. Then, we present an overview
of peer-to-peer technologies to show how they can be used for better
e-learning tools. Finally, we propose a framework for collaborative
communities based on enhanced peer-to-peer networks. This position
paper presents initial results of our work and we continue to work on
the detailed specification of the proposed framework and its prototype

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