Abdelmalik Bachir, Martin Heusse, and Andrzej Duda

Preamble MAC Protocols with Non-Persistent Receivers in Wireless Sensor Networks

In Proceedings of Networking 2008, May 2008, Singapore

Monday 12 May 2008

In preamble sampling MAC protocols, nodes keep their radios off most of the time to reduce idle listening and periodically wake up for a short time to check whether there is an ongoing transmission on the channel. Such access methods result in substantial energy savings in low traffic conditions. In this paper, we compare several representative preamble sampling MAC protocols in which receivers are non-persistent.
Our analysis takes into account bit error rate and traffic load to com-
pute energy consumption and link reliability. Our results show that two
access methods obtain the longest normalized lifetime for a wide range
of bit error rates: MFP (Micro Frame Preamble) and DFP (Data Frame

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