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Capacity of Mesh Networks

Monday 1 January 2007

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Action de Recherche Coopérative (ARC) INRIA: CApacité des Réseaux MAillés (CARMA)

Mesh networks constitute a key technological and economical challenge, and a first step toward ambient network, required to develop ubiquitous computing. Mesh networks use the entire wireless structure of ad hoc networks, aim at covering a whole area, like sensor networks, and entirely maintained by a telco who wants to offer a quality of service to its users.

Thjs ARC aims at studying the capacity of mesh networks. We want to combine different theoretical approaches (deterministic bounds, stochastic algorithms, graph theory, etc.) to develop new and efficient tools in order to model and evaluate the capacity of this kind of networks. Then, we want to optimize this capacity to improve the network performances. According to us, a cross-layer approach constitutes the only way to solve this problem. We particularly want to optimize the MAC and routing layers.
Finally, we want also to validate the behavior of our algorithms and protocols in real conditions: in this way, we aim at deploying a testbed to evaluate the performances in vivo of our propositions.

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 ARES (INSA Lyon/INRIA Rhône Alpes)
 Drakkar (IMAG)
 Mascotte (I3S/INRIA Sophia Antipolis)

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