RNRT ARESA 2006-2009

Embedded Systems & Wireless Sensor Networks

Tuesday 18 July 2006

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The RNRT ARESA project is funded by the french agency of research (ANR - Agence Nationale de la Recherche). Started in June 2006, it will finish in May 2009. This project is managed by France Telecom R&D.

ARESA is focused on large scale wireless sensor networks distributed in a monitoring area. Because the sensor nodes are autonomous, they should preserve their energy during processing, communication, etc. Finally, the energy is the key problem and this is considered in the different working packages of the project.

Sensor networks should consider the energy consumption in all the topics possible: hardware, operating systems, networking, applications, etc. In this project and based on a specific scenario, we address the network protocols design, the performance evaluation, the protocols validation, etc.

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