Carine Toham, Fran├žois Jan* and Andrzej Duda (* France Telecom R&D)

OLSR Enhancement for Multi-Interface Multi-Channel Ad Hoc Networks

In Proceedings of IEEE MHWMN, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 29sept-2oct 2008

Monday 29 September 2008

We address the problem of improving the throughput in multi-hop ad hoc networks. Many approaches can be considered to address this issue. We focus on those that imply the use of multiple radio interfaces with separate radio channels. In this context, we need to address two important issues, namely channel assignment and routing. We propose a throughput-oriented scheme called IC2A2R. It allows nodes to use the best channel available in their neighborhood based on a channel selection algorithm. It also extends the OLSR protocol with a new routing metric to take into account both channel diversity and channel alternation. Simulation tests of the enhanced OLSR protocol show that it significantly improves the throughput and outperforms existing solutions such as WCETT.

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