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Hervé Rivano*, Fabrice Theoleyre and Fabrice Valois¨ (* INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, ¨ INSA Lyon)

A Framework for the Capacity Evaluation of Multihop Wireless Networks

To appear in Ad Hoc and Wireless Sensor Networks, Old City Publishing, 2009

Friday 20 March 2009

The specific challenges of multihop wireles networks lead to a strong research effort on efficient protocols design where the offered capacity is a key objective. More specifically, routing strategy largely impacts the network capacity, i.e. the throughput offered to each flow. In this work, we propose a complete framework to compute the upper and the lower bounds of the network capacity according to a physical topology and a given routing protocol. The radio resource sharing principles of CSMA-CA is modeled as a set of linear constraints with two models of fairness. The first one assumes that nodes have a fair access to the channel, while the second one assumes that on the radio links. We then develop a pessimistic and an optimistic scenarios for radio resource sharing, yielding a lower bound and an upper bound on the network capacity for each fairness case. Our approach is independent of the network topology and the routing protocols, and provides therefore a relevant framework for their comparison. We apply our models to a comparative analysis of a well-known flat routing protocol OLSR against two main self-organized structure approaches, VSR and localized CDS.

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