EU MOTECO 2009-2010

European Partnership for Development in Mobile Technology Competence

Thursday 1 July 2010

Web site of the project.

The main problem tackled by the project is unequal access to new technologies and vocational education devoted to new technologies in Europe. The specific problem addressed by the project concerns training curriculum in mobile technology – Symbian OS. At the moment such trainings are accessible only in a few European countries located in the north-west of the continent. The main goal set up by the project is assuring better access to the vocational training in this field. This will be done by transfer of training methodology from training centres existing in Europe, developing training programmes unique for every partner, assuring creation of new training centres in South and Central Europe, securing first qualified group of trainers and training materials. In more general dimension, the project will contribute to the development of knowledge-based society and competitiveness of economy.

Partners involved in the project are institutions well experienced in vocational education. Co-operation in the project will help them to establish the stable platform to realise the project and good basis for future educational projects. Co-operation of private training companies and universities gives a chance to create the unique potential of modern IT and educational standards to realise common project. This assures creation of new attractive vocational training adapted to the commercial use of the technology.

The tangible results of the project are as follows:
 establishment of 5 new training centres for the innovative modern technology;
 5 training curriculum with additional training pocket (textbooks, workbooks, presentations, e-learning platforms) adapted to specific national and institutional needs;
 professional preparation of the group of 21 trainers ready to train other trainers and programmers.

Intangible results can be defined as:
 transfer of new possibilities to the partner regions,
 unique experience for partner institutions involved in the project implementation,
 new method of transfer of training curriculum developed and ready to be disseminated,
 good practice to be used in similar undertakings.

The project will have a diverse impact. Trainers will develop their competences not only in the new type of training courses, but in multinational teamwork and education systems building as well. Project partners will establish modern training and certification centres for the technology in demand. From the programmers point of view the project will create the opportunity to gain new competences in innovative mobile technology.


The results of Grenoble INP - LIG Laboratory include the French version of the slides (translation into the local language):

  1. Introduction à Symbian
  2. Environnement
  3. Applications Symbian
  4. Processus symbian
  5. GUI en Symbian
  6. Persistance des donnees
  7. Client-Serveur
  8. Introduction a Qt sur S60
  9. Portage de Qt sur S60

and a tutorial (practical training laboratory) on Symbian Programming:

  1. Introduction
  2. FirstGUI
  3. ServerClient
  4. IdCardSharing 1
  5. IdCardSharing 2
  6. QTMobility

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