CLOSED: Routing in Unmanaged Wired/Wireless Intranets


Monday 13 December 2010

LIG Laboratory, Drakkar group invites applications for a Post-Doc position (12 months):

Routing in Unmanaged Wired/Wireless Intranets

The objective of this project is to investigate routing protocols in unmanaged wired/wireless Intranets---such networks may have complex and changing topology without sufficient administration support. We want to apply OLSR in such environments and extend it to take into account prefix aggregation and discovery. The target is to fully take advantage of IPv6 features at the edge of the Internet.

Applicants should have experience/knowledge in the following research areas:
 Network protocols
 Network simulation
 C programming

The applicant will be hired by Grenoble INP.

Salary: 2968 euros gross. (Note: The net amount after the standard pension, health care, and tax withholding amounts is typically 0.8 times the gross salary.)

Applicants should send a detailed curriculum and three references to Andrzej Duda

Closing date for applications: January 15th, 2011

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