CLOSED: Datatweet project demonstrator in the city of Grenoble

Research engineer

Tuesday 28 March 2017

 Position: Research engineer Grenoble INP
 Contract: fixed-term 6 months, gross salary 28k€/year minimum
 Start date: ASAP
 Location: Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France
 Hosting institution: LIG laboratory, Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble Institute of Technology
 Scientific advisor: Franck Rousseau @LIG/UGA
 Application deadline: 01/06/2017


The DataTweet project proposes to explore the idea of a ubiquitous public data service for transmitting short messages. Any user or source of the service will be able to send a short message at a very low rate to some destination address over various access networks: open 802.11 hotspots, base stations of LTE, ITS G5 car-to-infrastructure stations. The user or a device sends its message to the nearest wireless network at hand (for instance a 802.11 hotspot) that will forward it in a multihop way to the destination by the elements of the infrastructure network.

Expected work

In the scope of this project, you will work with the Drakkar group, the city of Grenoble and other partners in the project, to set-up an experimentation in the city of Grenoble. The goal is to deploy some of the experiments done in the lab on the field, first on a single location. After successful trials, the demonstration will be extended to other points in the city.

 install and run existing experiments in a clean environment built from the ground up;
 interact with the people in charge of the network support at the city of Grenoble;
 set up a simple framework to manage remotely the point of experiment;
 deploy some of the experiments of the project and validate it runs fine;
 deploy on several locations in the city of Grenoble.

Skills & Expertise

Applicants for this position must have an engineer, MSc or PhD diploma in computer science.

Expected skills:
 Python and C programming languages;
 good software development practices (version control, tests);
 Unix-like environment.

Location and Institution

The LIG laboratory is located in Grenoble, the capital of the Alps. Grenoble is one of France’s major scientific and industrial centers for computer science and applied mathematics. The city lies amidst three mountain ranges and offers exceptional quality of life, with extensive public transportation and dedicated bikeways.

The Drakkar group investigates various aspects of network protocols, security and multimedia applications with an emphasis on wireless networks and sensors networks. The LIG lab has just moved to the brand new IMAG building, thus offering a very high standard work environment.

How to Apply & Contact Information

If you need additional information on this job offer, please contact Franck.Rousseau@imag.fr

Please apply by sending the following documents to Franck.Rousseau@imag.fr:

 Email subject MUST start with "[IR Datatweet]";
 Letter of application;
 Curriculum vitae;
 Transcripts for undergraduate and graduate studies;
 References or letters of recommendation are appreciated.

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