ANR Persyval DACRAW 2014-2015

Distributed Approach for Cross-Layer Resource Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Persyval exploratory project

Scientific context

The Internet of Things (IoT) as it is defined today aims at interconnecting physical objects using Internet technologies. This brings two complementary scenarios in the picture: Machine to Machine interaction, where connected smart objects can interact autonomously with each other, and physical world interaction, where sensors quantify their surroundings and actuators may act upon their immediate environment. These networks are envisioned as a major source of data, stored remotely in the cloud for later analysis, hence contributing to the rise of Big Data.

Project summary

Our main objective is to provide the means to operate a WSN with TSCH in a fully distributed manner, namely without using any centralized entities.
To reach this goal, our work needs to focus on MAC and routing. It will address three distinct but combined objectives:

  1. compute and allocate, in a distributed way, global schedules of cells that will guarantee required properties — e.g. short delay;
  2. compute suitable paths with a distributed routing algorithm on which to build the aforementioned schedules;
  3. perform neighbor maintenance to discover new nodes and maintain connectivity with nodes of interest, on which we can rely to provide efficient routing.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Distributed Algorithms, Medium Access Control, Routing, Clustering.




  • Marine Kadar, TSCH scheduling with a distributed local algorithm, Enismag 1A (L3)
  • Timothy Claeys, Commissioning in a channel-hopping time-synchronized wireless sensor network, M2
  • Aymeric Séguret, Impact of timer policies on the efficiency of silent self-stabilizing algorithms, M1
  • Cheikh Diop, Initialisation d’un réseau de capteurs à protocole synchronisé et saut de canal, Enismag 2A (M1)
  • Anaïs Durand, Self-Stabilizing Leader Election in Polynomial Steps, M2 (now PhD candidate)
  • Rodolphe Bertolini, Distributed Approach of Cross-Layer Resource Allocator in Wireless Sensor Networks, M1


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