Stéphane Lo-Presti

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  1. Stéphane Lo Presti. Multimedia Presentations Specification and Description Language / Langage de spécification et de description de présentations multimédias. PhD (in french), November 2002.

  2. Stéphane Lo Presti, Didier Bert, and Andrzej Duda. TAO: Temporal Algebraic Operators for modeling Multimedia Presentations. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 25(4):319-342, October 2002.

  3. Stéphane Lo Presti, Didier Bert, and Andrzej Duda. Multimedia object composition based on operators. 7th Days of Study and Discussion on Compression and Representation of Audiovisuals signals (CORESA), Dijon, France, November 2001.

  4. Didier Bert and Stéphane Lo Presti. Algebraic Specification of Operator-based Multimedia Scenarios. Recent Trends in Algebraic Development Techniques, Selected Papers, pages 382-399, LNCS 1827. WADT’99, 14th Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques Château de Bonas, Gers, France, 15-18 Sept. 1999.

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